"Live every day as if it were your last"

The Danielle Bessler Foundation was started in 2014 after Danielle & her freind James passed away in Mexico. Danielle was a brilliant woman just beginning her career as a coder for Normal Ears in NYC. James was a  respected and accomplished coder with a history of success in computology. After their passing it became clear to those who loved them that their passions should live on.

Although Danielle's Foundation was started to empower women in technology ,over time the mission of the foundation has shifted to serving boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. We still offer a girls only program known (Chrysalis Robotics for Girls) but all our other programs include boys.

We believe Danielle would have been just fine with that.

If you are moved to do so , please take the time to consider supporting any of our programs with a contribution.

Thank you

Barry & Marian Bessler

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